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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2 Ripped and Screwed to Death, UK

Jail sex monster committs SCREWICIDE!

A cowardly sex fiend who preyed on little boys couldn't stand his prison nightmare and took his own life - dying in agony after he chewed up screws, pins, batteries and razor blades that ripped his insides to shreds.

"Doctors took a bucketful of metal out of his belly," said an orderly at the Littlehey prison infirmary here.  "But nobody here is going to shed any tears over that pervert.  He definitely had a screw loose somewhere, but nobody figured he had a gut full of them."

Sickly looking Ralph Morris, former headmaster at a ritzy boys school, swallowed all the metal objects he could get his hands on.  by the time prison officials realized what he was up to, it was too late to save him.

"He was determined to get out on medical grounds," said prison doc Muriel Coates.  "He wanted to appear to be so ill that he could convince someone he should leave prison." 

The 53-year-old weirdo had served five hellish years of a 12-year sentence for sexually assaulting disturbed school boys at Castle Hill School in Ludlow.

Dr. Coates said Morris had probably been eating metal objects for weeks.  The bizzare diet ripped his insides to shreds.

(Source:  Weekly World News, 1997)


  1. Yes I remember the time when I walked into a dining room where my school friends were having dinner. As I was in the dining room he beckoned me over to where he was standing and when I was standing in front of Ralph Patrick Morris he punched me in my face thus making my nose bleed. This was just because I became lost whilst on a trip outside and kept people waiting for a little while. Oh I never did have the chance to eat only stay on my bed with nothing to do.

  2. I don't like that I am being called disturbed in this piece as I was one of those children at the school. I was merely a kid that misbehaved, I got thrown out of the previous schools I had been in for extremely bad behaviour that included hitting teachers even - the previous school I was in before this was a similar type of school and I only hit the teacher there because he had hit me and thrown me across the room where I literally smacked my head into the corner of a table, so I turned around and hit him back.

    I am now "normal" I suppose you could say, although it took a very long time for me to get my head straight after what that bastard did to me and other kids at the school.