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Monday, October 3, 2011

1 DEATH By Garbage Compactor, USA

Robert Amaral, 60, became trapped in the back compartment of a garbage truck.  Residents in the area called police after hearing cries for help coming from an alley.

Neighbor Maria Arciniega lives in a house right behind where the accident happened.
She said her husband heard someone screaming, "Help, Help." The entire family then went outside, and started to knock on the truck to see if someone was inside.

But the screams then stopped, Arciniega said.

When crews arrived at the scene, they found Amaral inside the trash compactor of the Allied Waste garbage truck.

Amaral, a worker for the private waste disposal company since 2004, was pronounced deceased at the scene.

He had been caught in the compactor from the waste down, police said.
"This is just unfortunate, horrible," Phoenix Sgt. Mark Rivera said. "It's an unfortunate way to have to die."

Officials said they believe there was a malfunction with the compactor portion of the truck and the man was working on that portion when he became trapped.

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