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Saturday, December 3, 2011

0 Captain and Engineer Chopped Up then Fed to Sharks by Disgruntled Crew Members, THAILAND

When they were asked to see their captain by the marine police,  the seven man Burmese crew kept silent. Suspicious, the police went below decks where they found blood spattered everywhere in the galley.

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The crew confessed almost immediately.

Two of the crew, 25-year-old Note and 20-year-old Kala, were on their first voyage; they had joined the Supaporn in a small fishing port in Trang province, South of Phuket, about five months ago. Note, who confessed to killing Lure, said that the Burmese were constantly mistreated and abused by the skipper and engineer Lek.

Food was poorly cooked and sometimes thrown at them. The fish they caught would be occasionally transferred to another vessel at sea, between Thailand and Indonesia. There seemed to be no end to what crew came to regard as a living hell. Crew conspired to break free from their slavery at sea. About 1am on Oct 12, 2011, one of the crew picked up an all-purpose chopper and used it on the captain, and the other crew helped throw his body to the sharks. Next it was the turn of the cruel lieutenant, engineer Lek, to die. The men decided to head back towards Phuket because to return to Trang would have encouraged questions they could not answer. They agreed that once the vessel was within a couple of hundred metres of Phuket, they would jump overboard. But off Racha island, with Phuket quite close, the engine failed. The passing Marine Police patrol grew suspicious. 

Nobody knew how to fix the engine - in what some will say is a case of poetic justice, the men had killed the only man who could have done so. And when they could so easily have gotten away with murder, the confessed killers were caught.

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