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Saturday, December 3, 2011

0 DEATH By Weather Rocket - then Explosion During Cremation, CHINA

A small weather rocket filled with silver iodide—shot into the sky in order to break up hail into rain—failed to explode in the atmosphere, and instead had fallen through Wang's roof and acted like a bullet, instantly killing Wang as it was lodged into his body.

Wang Diange was attending a wake in his home when an explosion took off half of his roof and left him dead in the wreckage. Because it had been a stormy day, family members and the police assumed that lightning was what killed Wang and left half of his home in ruins.

However, as Wang was being placed into the cremation chamber at his own funeral, his body exploded, causing the chamber's oven doors to fly off their hinges. Only then, spectators discovered a small piece of twisted metal, which led them to what really killed Mr. Wang:

At first, local metallurgists were unable to determine what it was, though it bore a military serial number. An investigation revealed that it was a shell, because the Inner Mongolian weather bureau had been firing shells into the clouds filled with a special chemical in the hope of breaking up hail to protect a tobacco crop.

The weather bureau concluded that one shell failed to explode, hit the house, and lodged in Mr Wang’s body.

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